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Seeking emotional help is still a taboo, even the wellness centers in HEIS that offers psychological help are not effective due to the fear of being ridiculed and peer pressure, and we eliminate this cultural impediment by offering an anonymous solution that one can access through an APP on their cell phone.

It’s cost effective as one session with a psychologist cost on average 1500 Rs where as we offer unlimited access and at their convenience

Become Emotionally Intellegent

Emotion can be managed before they Lead to mental disorder.Learn Emotional Hygiene practices,that unleash your best self for a meaningful life

Discover Your Emotional Energy and Channel it to Physical Well-being

The research has linked the mismanagement of emotions to physical illness including cancer. The holistic well being comes from a well balanced emotional energy. Let is help you find the positive energy and channel your emotional energy to bring joy and peace to your life and a source of empathy and kindness for everyone around you..

Meet the CEO & Founder

Dr Faryal is an HR professional, academic, trainer, research consultant, blogger/influencer panelist for TV, member advisory boards for few institutions including Bahria University Business school curriculum for BBA/MBA, Board of reviewers for research journals and founder FEEEL a startup for emotional hygiene and provide emotional first aid services. She has 5 copy rights from IPO, Pakistan. Having developed the first indigenous model for emotional intelligence at Pakistani workplace with copy right model and scale her training expertise include, life skills, EQ, anger management, stress management, changing mindset, proposal writing, research, ethics, women empowerment and effective change management etc.

Dr. Faryal Razzaq

She is an approved trainer for Google signature workshop #IamRemarkable and well versed in softwares like SPSS, SMART PLS, NVIVO etc. She is the women that broke taboos of house wives resuming education after 17 years and did MBA, MS and PhD. Broke another taboo by breaking lead ceiling and entering workforce i40s and becoming an accomplished academic.


She has trained faculty/ students in leading Pakistani Universities including Punjab University, Peshawar University, Greenwich University, Iqra University, Bahria University, SZABIST, PAF BPGWC and some foreign universities like Asia Metropolitan University, Malaysia and scheduled for Turkey etc. She is a mentor for NIC and member board for few startups like accountability lab, advisor READ Pakistan, trainer/member Women on Board, Connected Women, Pakistan Youth Association, Be the Change, LIFT, Jumpstart etc. She is an approved trainer for Google signature workshop #IamRemarkable and well versed in softwares like SPSS, SMART PLS, NVIVO etc. There is no shortcut for success and only grit can get you there.

She was chosen by daily times as a symbol for women empowerment and believe the only things that blocks your success are your own mental blocks.

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